Yes: Drama (1980)

Yes: Drama (1980)

Drama is the 10th studio album by Yes. Until 2018, it was the only Yes album to feature both Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes of the Buggles, an early synthpop duo who were absorbed into Yes after singer Jon Anderson and keyboardist / sparkly cape icon Rick Wakeman left the band at the beginning of 1980.

Release Information

Release date: August 1980
Label: Atlantic
Produced by Yes


All songs by Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn, Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White.

  1. “Machine Messiah”
  2. “White Car”
  3. “Does It Really Happen?”
  4. “Into the Lens”
  5. “Run Through the Light”
  6. “Tempus Fugit”
Source: Liner Notes. Yes. Drama. Rhino Records. 2004.


Geoff Downes: Keyboards; vocoder
Trevor Horn: Vocals; bass on “Run Through the Light”
Steve Howe: Guitars; vocals
Chris Squire: Bass; vocals; piano on “Run Through the Light”
Alan White: Percussion; vocals

Source: Liner Notes. Yes. Drama. Rhino Records. 2004.


The Town House, London


“Tempus Fugit”

“Into the Lens”