Rick Wakeman: The Burning (soundtrack) [1981]

Rick Wakeman: The Burning (soundtrack) [1981]

The Burning was Rick Wakeman‘s first album release of the 1980s and his first ever on Charisma. It was his third soundtrack album, following Lisztomania in 1975 and White Rock in 1977. The soundtrack album is unusual in that only Side 2 of the original LP (tracks 5-11 below) featured music taken from the movie. Side 1 offered variations on Wakeman’s themes from the score arranged for rock band. Wakeman was not involved in tracks 8 and 9.

Release Information


  • Release date: 8 May 1981 (US)
  • Directed by Tony Maylam


  • Album release date: 1981
  • Label: Charisma
  • Produced by Rick Wakeman


  1. “Theme from The Burning” (Rick Wakeman)
  2. “The Chase Continues (Po’s Plane)” [Wakeman]
  3. “Variations on the Fire” (Wakeman}
  4. “Shear Terror and More” (Wakeman}
  5. “The Burning (End Title Theme)” (Wakeman}
  6. “Campfire Story” (Rick Wakeman / Bob Weinstein / Peter Lawrence)
  7. “The Fire” (Wakeman}
  8. “Doin’ It” (Anna Pepper)
  9. “Devil’s Creek Breakdown” (Alan Brewer)
  10. “The Chase” (Wakeman}
  11. “Shear Terror” (Wakeman}


(Wakeman tracks only)