Keith Emerson: Honky (1981)

Keith Emerson: Honky (1981)

Honky was Keith Emerson’s first (non-soundtrack) solo album. Recorded while he was living in Nassau, Bahamas, the album was a more varied, more laid-back affair than any of his previous efforts.

Release Information

  • Release date: 1981
  • Labels: Bubble (Italy); Ariola (Spain and Germany)
  • Produced by Keith Emerson


  1. Hello Sailor Introduction (Keith Emerson)
  2. Bach Before The Mast (Keith Emerson / George Malcolm)
  3. Hello Sailor Finale (Emerson)
  4. Salt Cay (Emerson)
  5. Green Ice (Emerson)
  6. Intro-Juicing (Emerson)
  7. Big Horn Breakdown (Billy Taylor; arranged by Keith Emerson)
  8. Yancey Special (Meade “Lux” Lewis; arranged by Keith Emerson and Harry South)
  9. Rum-A-Ting (Emerson)
  10. Chickcharnie (Emerson)
  11. Jesus Loves Me (Emerson)


  • Keith Emerson: Yamaha CP-30, Minimoog, Hammond C3, Korg 3100, Korg 3300, Steinway concert grand piano Model D, Yamaha grand piano, vocoder
  • Kendal Stubbs: Bass, vocals
  • Neil Symonette: Drums and percussion
  • Frank Scully: Drums, percussion and assorted kitchenware
  • Mott: Guitar
  • Andrew Brennen: Saxophone
  • Pete King: Alto saxophone
  • Dick Morrissey: Tenor saxophone
  • Michael Hanna: Vocals
  • Shelley Lightbourne: Vocals
  • The Kayla Lockhart Singers: Vocals
Source: Liner notes. Keith Emerson. Honky. Esoteric Recordings. 2013.


  • Elite Studios, Nassau, Bahamas
  • Compass Point Studio, Nassau, Bahamas
Source: Liner notes. Keith Emerson. Honky. Esoteric Recordings. 2013.