Jon and Vangelis: Short Stories (1980)

Jon and Vangelis: Short Stories (1980)

Short Stories is the debut album by Jon and Vangelis.

Release Information

Release date: January 1980
Label: Polydor
Produced by Vangelis


All music by Vangelis; all lyrics by Jon Anderson

  1. “Curious Electric”
  2. “Each and Everyday”
  3. “Bird Song”
  4. “I Hear You Now”
  5. “The Road”
  6. “Far Away in Baagad”
  7. “Love Is”
  8. “One More Time”
  9. “Thunder”
  10. “A Play Within a Play”


Jon Anderson: Vocals
Vangelis: Keyboards, synthesizers, piano, electronics
Raphael Preston: Acoustic guitars


Nemo Studios, London