Jon and Vangelis: The Friends of Mr Cairo (1981)

Jon and Vangelis: The Friends of Mr Cairo (1981)

The Friends of Mr Cairo is the sophomore album by Jon and Vangelis. Initially released in the summer of 1981, Polydor reissued the album the following year after the duo scored a hit with the song “I’ll Find My Way Home.” The second edition of the album, which is now treated as the official version, included the new song and offered a different cover and a revised running order.

Release Information

Release date: July 1981 (first edition); June 1982 (second edition)*
Label: Polydor
Produced by Vangelis

*Estimated release date based on reviews of the album published in US and UK newspapers between June and August 1982


Composed by Jon Anderson and Vangelis; lyrics by Jon Anderson

First Edition

  1. “The Friends of Mr Cairo”
  2. “Back to School”
  3. “Outside And Inside”
  4. “State of Independence”
  5. “Beside”
  6. “The Mayflower”

Second Edition

  1. “I’ll Find My Way Home”
  2. “State of Independence”
  3. “Beside”
  4. “The Mayflower”
  5. “The Friends of Mr Cairo”
  6. “Back to School”
  7. “Outside and Inside”


Jon Anderson: Vocals, composer
Vangelis: Composer, producer, arranger, performer
Dick Morrissey: saxophone (“Back to School”), flute (“Outside and Inside,” “State of Independence”)
David Coker: voices (“The Friends of Mr Cairo,” “The Mayflower”)
Sally Grace: voices (“The Friends of Mr Cairo”)
Claire Hamill: backing vocals (“Back to School”)
Carol Kenyon: backing vocals (“Back to School,” “State of Independence”)


Davout Studios, Paris
Nemo Studios, London


“The Friends of Mr Cairo”

“I’ll Find My Way Home” (Top of the Pops, 1982)